Animal rights activist Aymeric Caron on a crusade against bullfighting

Aymeric Caron, deputy La France insoumise, in Paris, November 14, 2022.

Aymeric Caron cultivates paradoxes. He doesn’t want to be labeled “animal deputy”, but his first feat of arms in the National Assembly concerns the abolition of bullfighting. He doesn’t want to be the chosen one. “media stunts”, says he has already given on the subject when he was a prominent columnist on the program “On n’est pas couche” (from 2012 to 2015), but the text he defends has aroused the ardor of commentators in recent weeks. television sets. He regrets being reduced to this text on bullfighting, not making the headlines when he goes to a psychiatric hospital or meets families waiting for support for students with disabilities, but in the hemicycle of the National Assembly, he is more discreet, leaving his comrades from La France insoumise (LFI) to step up on social issues.

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Co-founder of a micro-party of radical ecology, rallied to LFI for the legislative elections, Aymeric Caron, who had dethroned the outgoing Pierre-Yves Bournazel (Horizons) in June in the 18e constituency of Paris, saw its political baptism with the examination, on Thursday, November 24, of its bill aimed at abolishing bullfighting. The text, presented within the framework of the parliamentary niche of LFI, experienced a first setback on November 16 with a rejection by the law commission.

The proposal splits all ranks, prompting the new MP to campaign in the halls of the Assembly and the media to unfold his arguments. The corrida would be, for its supporters, the expression of a plural France and rich in its local cultures? It is for Aymeric Caron, on the contrary, a “separatism”, term that he takes up in the presidential camp to describe the derogation granted to bullfighting regions, on behalf of a “uninterrupted local tradition”the prohibition of acts of cruelty to domestic animals. “When we demand a different treatment from other French people, it has a name, it’s called separatism”said the MP.

“Individualist Attitude”

When aficionados defend, through bullfighting, a celebration of the animal and its strength, the deputy responds by detailing clinically the length of the spikes planted in the side of the bulls, the banderillas inserted in pairs, the estoque being able to pierce the diaphragm and cause frequent bleeding.

But it is the argument that the initiative, which concerns about fifty municipalities and a thousand bulls put to death per year, would “anecdotal” which irritates him the most. “Of course the subject may seem anecdotal compared to other problems in the world, but on a symbolic level, what it wears is essential to our relationship with the living.defends Mr. Caron. It’s almost more of a bill for humans than for animals. »

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