Anne-Elisabeth Blateau tackles those who turned their back on Pierre Palmade

INTERVIEW – Invited on the set of “Buzz TV” for her new series, Unworthy mother on, the star of Scenes of households evokes the comedian who spotted her in the profession.

In Unworthy motherseries available on the platform this Friday, Anne-Elisabeth Blateau is Rachel, a newly divorced single mother who will want to prove to everyone that she can be a perfect mother. Herself the mother of a little 7-year-old boy named Adrien, the actress of Scenes of households confides in the most beautiful role of his life.« I try to be a different mother than mine “, she explains to “Buzz TV” this Thursday.

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In the series that Anne-Éisabeth Blateau co-wrote, Eva Darlan plays his mother who is not very far from his. “I put a lot of my mother into the character of Eva who is also, and I hope, very touching too.», the screenwriter tells us. So much so that filming was sometimes trying. “There’s a scene in episode 5, at Christmas, I really feel like I was reliving something in my life. There was a lot of emotion on the set“, she remembers before describing “a very strange feeling“, at the limit “discomfort“.

It was impossible to learn because I was laughing so much! »

Anne-Élisabeth Blateau on Malik Bentalha’s “L’heure de trop” parody

During this interview, Anne-Élisabeth Blateau also returned to “L’Heure de trop”, the parody of “L’Heure des pros” by Malik Bentalha and in which she takes on the features of Viviane Bouchardthe caricature of the television columnist Elisabeth Lévy. “It was impossible to learn because I was laughing so much!», confides the actress who did not expect such success. Since it was posted online just a week ago, the 16-minute video has garnered nearly 3 million views. “I think people liked the parody show, which is something we don’t get that much on television anymore. Before, there were the Nuls, the Inconnus, the “Guignols de l’info”, the Palmashow… We want to laugh at everything, at everyone, especially when it’s intelligently done like he did Malik“, she believes. Pascal Praud declared that he had “fed up» but that he regretted the exploitation of the video on social networks. “Instrumentalization, I don’t see, replies the actress. VSIt’s a parody, people watch it once, twice, three times because they’re laughing, that’s all!»

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Finally, Anne-Élisabeth Blateau agrees to discuss Pierre Palmade whom she considers her “mentor”. Appearing in his show “Made in Palmade”, she also played in the comedian’s plays. She has kept in touch with him since the road accident he caused on February 10. “I still have affection for him. I don’t see how you can say that you loved someone and, from one day to the next, because the matter is serious, act as if they had never existed and that they had not played an important role in my lifeshe continues, tackling in ping, without naming them, those close to the artist who have turned their backs on him. like Muriel Robin. »Pierre was a teacher, someone who spotted me, she praises again.

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