Anne Hidalgo does not close the door to a third term as mayor

His bitter failure in the presidential election and the many controversies in the capital do not discourage Anne Hidalgo. Chesnot/Getty Images

The mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, who has lost herself in the presidential campaign and is weakened by the eternal controversies which shake the capital, is betting all her political survival on the Olympic Games of 2024.

Election campaigns sometimes start where you least expect it. That of the municipal elections in Paris undoubtedly began in March 2023 – three years before the deadline – on the backs of the overflowing garbage cans in the streets of the capital. Faced with the status quo caused by the garbage collectors’ strike, everyone took the opportunity to advance their first pawns.

The Macronist pretenders, Gabriel Attal and Clément Beaune, targeted “inaction” by Anne Hidalgo. The outgoing PS mayor and her majority replied that they were in solidarity with the social movement, arguing that the government should “take his responsibilities” by withdrawing the pension reform. As for the right, worn by Rachida Dati, she promises “minimum service” of cleanliness in case of victory in 2026.

Slowly, the decor settles, and the outcome of the play is far from certain according to the Ifop survey for Le Figaro which tests the potential successors of Anne Hidalgo in the opinion. Not to mention that the mayor of Paris may well not have said her…

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