Annecy surprises Le Havre and leaves the Ligue 2 red zone

Annecy signed a monumental feat and a superb operation to maintain this Monday. In a boiling Sports Park, like this match, the eighteenth brought down the Le Havre leader (1-0), undefeated for 32 games in the Championship, a record. Thanks to a goal from Kevin Mouanga from a corner (50th), the Haut-Savoyards come out of the relegation zone, and are now in fifteenth place.

If he could not go up to Ligue 1 this Monday evening, even in the event of success (question of goal difference with Metz, third), Le Havre pushed to the end to win and dominated this game that had gone crazy. in the last moments.

From the 7th minute, Nabil Alioui hit the post with a low shot, first deflected by Annecy goalkeeper Florian Escales. In possession of the ball, little worried, the men of Luka Elsner believed they had control of the meeting. But a five-minute relaxation, on returning from the locker room, was enough for Annecy to win.

Stopovers, an extremely important parade

First there was this dangerous free kick from Steve Shamal, in the axis at thirty meters, diverted for a corner by Arthur Desmas (49th). On this corner, precisely, the quality of the foot of Shamal found the enormous blow of helmet of Kevin Mouanga (1-0, 50th). A deliverance for a whole stadium, which perhaps did not expect to suffer so much afterwards.

A first strike from the incoming Jamal Thiaré, captured by Escales (62nd), a header from the same Thiaré intercepted by Escales in stride (63rd) and a shot from Nabil Alioui just off the frame (78th) preceded an end of uncontrollable game.

Yann Kitala believed to equalize (84th) on a ball deflected in depth by Mokrane Bentoumi, before being rightly signaled offside. Frustrated, the Le Havre bench got angry, and the duels became more bitter, until the exclusion of Thiaré (89th). Provoked by the public, the Le Havre striker wanted to come to blows with some spectators, but security intervened.

Under tension, this match went crazy: three yellow cards out in a few seconds, an overflow of aggressiveness on both sides, then an extraordinary parade of Stopovers after additional time (90th + 5) following a Missed from Kitala, alone in front of goal on a cross from Bentoumi. Annecy holds on to its feat, three precious points, and dreams more than ever of maintaining it. The HAC, he will have to insist one more day, at least, before ensuring his rise in Ligue 1.

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