Anti-Semitism: how the most prestigious American universities falter in the face of controversy

The sequence, which has gone viral, is disastrous for the most prestigious American universities, already accused of laxity in the face of the increase in anti-Semitism on their campuses since the Hamas macre and the war in Gaza. On Tuesday, the presidents of Harvard, MIT and Penn were interviewed for five hours on this subject by a congressional committee. In a tense atmosphere, Republican Elise Stefanik asked them this question: “Is calling for the genocide of the Jews in contradiction with the code of conduct of your university, yes or no? » Three times, she gets the same answer: “It depends on the context”, “if it is directed against a person”.

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MIT President Sally Kornbluth responds negatively if such “public comments are not directed at a specific individual.” In this case, such an act would be subject to investigation. She specifies that she has not heard this type of call in her establishment.

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