Antoinette in the Cévennes, donkey supplement

In a golden role, the actress Laure Calamy, intrepid and daring, offers a breath of fresh air on France 2.

Need a breath of invigorating air? look Antoinette in the Cevennes . The heroine alone is worth the trip. School teacher, the lady in question (Laura Calamy) sings and dances at the idea of ​​spending a week’s vacation with Vladimir, her lover (Benjamin Lavernhe rather quiet).

She sings with her students in love, Véronique Sanson’s song, a stunning scene and marvelous humor. But Antoinette’s disappointment is equal to the joy she felt. At the last minute, her lover tells her that he is leaving with his wife and child on the path taken by the writer Robert Louis Stevenson in the Cévennes in 1878.

A golden role

Without thinking, Antoinette decides to join the man she loves madly, reserves a donkey named Patrick to accompany him. His journey will be strewn with pitfalls, various discoveries and unexpected encounters. In her second feature film, Caroline Vignal focuses on a young woman as intrepid and exuberant as Fifi Brindacier. Wild gr, loose hair and in shorts, Laure Calamy, who held her first big role there after being revealed in Ten percent, therefore walks, twirls, rattles, snorts, ignites who better. It is Benoît Poelvoorde in the feminine who gives the answer to a quadruped with a complex temperament, docile and rebellious at the same time. A confidant who is sometimes surprisingly complicit.

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To walk is to trample on one’s cares,” they say. Stevenson wanted to forget his family by walking with Modestine, his donkey – he had been abandoned by the one he had fallen in love with, a married woman with two children. Anoinette has adopted Nietzsche’s thought:“To be leaden, I repeat, is the real sin against the mind. » In search of her lost suitor, in the skin of an extraordinary teacher, she comes back to life, grows up, mourns her eventful loves, frees herself, finds new landmarks. A graduate of the Fémis (script department), the filmmaker had not filmed for twenty years. She herself traveled the famous GR 70. The scenario was born in stride. Caroline Vignal has split to offer a golden role to Laure Calamy.

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