AP-HP plans to reopen 400 beds this fall thanks to recruitment

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“We are going to achieve the objective that we set for ourselves of recruiting 400 more nurses this year than last year,” said the general director of istance publique-Hôpitaux de Paris, Nicolas Revel.

The AP-HP (istance publique-Hôpitaux de Paris, Parisian public hospitals) plans to reopen 400 beds this fall, thanks to an improvement in nurse recruitment, the general director of the AP-HP said on Wednesday. , Nicolas Revel. “We will achieve the goal we set for ourselves of recruiting 400 more nurses this year than last year», declared Nicolas Revel, during a press conference on the efforts undertaken to increase the attractiveness of Parisian hospitals.

This improvement will allow the AP-HP to generally stabilize, or even very slightly increase, its number of nurses over the year, thus making it possible to reopen beds. “We think we can reopen 400 full hospitalization beds, which will be distributed between 300» for the medical/surgical/obstetrics part, “and 100 for follow-up care and psychiatry» he clarified. Knowing that the AP-HP (which has some 18,000 beds) had lost around 200 beds in the first half, the net gain in beds over the year could be 200 beds, declared Nicolas Revel.

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Still recruiting difficulties “in certain professions”

This is a positive signal“, but “there are downsides because we remain in difficulty (recruitment) in certain professions, such as radio technicians, operating room nurses or midwives“, he added. “We seem to have the beginnings of something, but it will be long, it remains fragile“. “We are in the process of redoing capacitybut it is not at all sufficient compared to what we had in 2018“.

Hospitals are facing departures of caregivers and significant recruitment difficulties, which are causing bed closures and reductions in capacity. The government is trying to reverse the trend by increasing salaries. After the Ségur de la Santé measures in 2020, Elisabeth Borne announced in August more of a billion euros of revaluation for caregivers, particularly for night work and Sundays.

Hospitals, for their part, are trying to improve their organization to be more attractive. The AP-HP, for example, tries to offer a 4-day week, with a working time of 8 hours 45 minutes per day. “Of 72 departments to whom we offered something resembling a four-day week, about 50 adopted it», declared Nicolas Revel.

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