Apple reinvents the boundaries of love

Apple, March 16, 2022.

It is her haven of peace, in a Paris that has long oppressed her. A place that perhaps reminds her of Quebec, and where she can indulge in her observations of trees, birds and foxes, as she does in the forest. The singer Pomme, alias Claire Pommet by her civil name, gives an appointment close to the Père-Lachaise cemetery. "I often come here to recharge my batteries: it's a place that soothes me, with rare greenery and biodiversity here", says the 26-year-old artist. Pomme loves shelters, and that's how she wanted to think of each of the songs on her third album, Consolationreleased on August 26 to critical acclaim.

It takes many refuges, in the storm carried by a part of his generation, determined to dynamite everything in its path. Through the poetry of its titles and in its speeches, Apple embodies a youth who wants to move the lines of gender, sexuality, love and who calls for an ecological and social upheaval. “I am part of a generation that decided to stop doing things out of habit or because they were taught that life was drawn that way”, she summarizes. And to allow oneself to seek one's place outside the socially pre-established boxes, even if the quest is sometimes agonizing.

A great sensitivity

As a child, Claire Pommet imagined herself later with "a husband, a dog, kids and a minivan". As a young girl it seems "the only solution" which is offered to him, " the base ". Deep down, however, she still feels that she is stepping out of the frame, within her family with a petty bourgeois and Catholic education, in the suburbs of Lyon. A child "inadequate" in all circumstances, whose great sensitivity we regard with circumspection and concern. In his new album, childhood is a central material. Always ambivalent, between " candy " and " violence ", but from which she seeks here to draw the comforting dimension.

Apple signs, in fact, a more peaceful record, after a raw exposure of its anxieties in Loopholeswhich earned him two Victoires de la musique. “I feel better about myself, more in my place, thanks to my entourage, with whom I walked, but also to the success of my last album. I am still anxious but more at peace with myself”explains the singer, who has always wanted to deliver an uninhibited speech on mental health and the anxiety that inhabits her, who has now become a companion "familiar".

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