Are you looking for an idea for a holiday in Poland? At the Festival of Life you can experience the best week of your life!

Are you looking for an idea for a holiday in Poland?  At the Festival of Life you can experience the best week of your life!

Festival of Life is the largest and longest outdoor Christian festival for youth in Poland. This year it will take place from 3 to 9 July in Kokotek in Silesia. A week in tents, concerts, conferences, workshops… Life, joy, God! Tickets on sale now.

The event is compared to the biggest music festivals – but in a Catholic edition – every year at the beginning of July, it attracts thousands of young people from Poland and abroad. The last edition gathered a lot of positive opinions and received wide coverage in the nationwide, not only religious, media.

The festival is organized in Kokotek, a district of Lubliniec in Silesia, in the climatic surroundings of a forest and a pond. The program includes concerts of the greatest stars of Polish music, conferences of famous speakers, interesting and diverse workshops, as well as an extreme run through water, mud and sand!

“Everything happens this week. There is time for fun, for valuable conversations, for meeting new people. Everyone has different needs in their hearts: meetings with God, with other people, but also spending time with themselves. At the Festival of Life you can experience it all. What pleases me the most is that you can simply see joy on the faces of young people here – says Natalia Skrzypiec, who got to know the festival both from the side of the participant, as well as the volunteer and the organizer.

Registration for the Festival of Life has already started! Weekly packages (individual and group), weekend tickets and family passes are available. It is not worth delaying the registration:

Festival of Life 2023. What’s on the agenda?

The guiding figure of each edition of the Festival of Life is a selected biblical figure. This year it will be St. John the Baptist, who by his attitude indicates that it is not him, but Jesus, who is the Messiah. In view of the common – especially among young people – identity crisis and facing unrealistic expectations of others, the story of St. John the Baptist is to help find answers to bothering questions: who am I, who am I not?

Evening concerts will be strong points in the program of the festival. Tribbs, DARIA, the Song and Dance Ensemble “Śląsk” together with the composer and conductor Jan Stokłosa will perform on stage, who will present their original repertoire in modern arrangements, as well as 2Tm2,3 – this is their only concert this year, the band gathers a line-up especially for Festival of Life!

In turn, at morning conferences, participants will listen to e.g. the well-known evangelizer Marcin Zieliński, Monika Hoffman-Piszory (author of the blog @monika_i_dzieciaki_cudaki on Instagram) or the Holy Monitor (the YouTube channel under this name is run by Father Wojciech Iwanecki and Father Piotr Piekło).

In addition, the program includes daily Masses, thematic services, conversations in sharing groups, 24-hour adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, dozens of workshops to choose from, as well as free time in the Chillout Zone. And for the brave – an extreme Festival Run! See how it was a year ago:

From all over the world to Kokotka!

The Festival of Life has gained a nationwide reputation and has the ambition to develop on an international scale. Already in the previous edition and in the accompanying events, participants from Canada, the United States, India, Colombia, Ecuador, Belgium and Spain took part. That is why this year the organizers especially warmly invite young people from Polish community centers around the world to Kokotek.

– In their testimonies, foreign participants of the festival have repeatedly emphasized that the sight of thousands of young people who play and pray is an exceptionally valuable experience for them, which they cannot experience in their place of residence – emphasizes Szymon Zmarlicki, media spokesman for the Festival of Life.

– Participation in the Festival of Life can be a great idea to spend your holiday time, and at the same time a good opportunity to visit family and friends in Poland. Invite your friends, come to Kokotka together and show us where you are from! We dream of a sea of ​​flags from around the world on the festival field! – encourage the organizers.

Festival of Life in Kokotek – Christian Summerfest?

Since 2018, the Festival of Life has been organized in Kokotek, a forest district of Lubliniec in Silesia. In the first years, the event was held under one of the largest tents in Europe, imported from Belgium, and since last year the festival has become a completely open-air event, when the main events moved to a huge stage, several dozen meters high.

Previously, Golec uOrkiestra, Luxtorpeda, Roksana Węgiel, Kamil Bednarek, Kuba Badach, Arka Noego and TGD have already played on our stage. Among the speakers we hosted, among others: Wojciech Modest Amaro, Jan Mela, Sylwia Jaśkowiec, Tomasz Samołyk, Ania Golędzinowska, brothers from Taizé and Monika and Marcin Gomułka from the Beginning of Eternity.

The main organizer of the Festival of Life is Father Tomasz Maniura, an oblate missionary and founder of the NINIWA youth ministry, known for leading foreign bicycle trips NINIWA Team (including to Jerusalem, Morocco, Nordkapp and Siberia) and creating a thriving large retreat and leisure center in Kokotek. A number of Polish dioceses and religious orders are involved in the organization of the event. From 2023, the honorary patronage over the Festival of Life was taken, among others, by Polish Bishops’ Conference. More information on the Festival of Life website: and in social media: on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube.

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