Argentina: Javier Milei officially inaugurated president, the country prepares for “mess”

It’s his favorite word, his trademark. From this Sunday afternoon, “carajo”, “brothel”, will resonate within the walls of the Casa Rosada, the seat of the Argentine presidency. The new president Javier Mileijust invested president at the end of a ceremony organized this Sunday, must now take up residence and launch his mandate.

At the end of the morning, the economist describing himself as an “anarcho-capitalist”, aged 53, pillar of TV sets, who was only elected deputy two years agowas sworn in before Parliament.

“In the name of God, of the Fatherland and on the Holy Gospels”, he swore to honor with “loyalty and patriotism” the office of president. Then he received the presidential sash and was due, shortly after, to address the crowd gathered outside Parliament.

He called on Argentines to come en me to listen to him: “Bring your flag, Argentina!” “, he invited them in a message on X, accompanied by his favorite slogan “Long live Liberty, damn it!” »

Javier Milei should then travel, by convertible or on foot, the two kilometers that separate the Parliament from the Casa Rosada, where a ceremony is planned with foreign dignitaries. France has finally decided to send its Minister of Civil Service Stanislas Guerini, who will be alongside, in particular, the King of Spain Felipe, the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban and the former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro. The two men met on Friday. Donald Trump, who promised to come see him, will not be present.

The American delegation is led by Secretary of State for Energy Jennifer Granholm, the United States wanting to seal its friendship with the country, the world’s leading extractor of lithium, the mineral essential for the manufacture of electric batteries. Granholm and Juan Gonzalez, advisor to US President Joe Biden and senior director of the National Security Council for the Western Hemisphere, gave Washington’s support to the newly elected in his discussions with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to spread his colossal debt .

Elected President Javier Milei with Jennifer M. Granholm, Energy Secretary of the United States. 🇦🇷🤝🏼🇺🇸

— La Fuerza Del Cielo (@Desdelaplateaa) December 9, 2023

Forty years after the return of democracy, Argentina today has 45.7 million inhabitants and is enduring a deep economic crisis, with dramatic inflation of more than 150%. Milei prepares to deploy a series of measures to curb state spending, a “shock” theutic plan which, its supporters hope, will stabilize the economy, but which risks being painful for Argentines, at least in the short term, while more than 40% of the population lives below the threshold of poverty. After his resounding victory, Javier Milei warned that there would be “no room for lukewarmness or half-measures”, and that inflation would not be brought under control for “18 to 24 months”.

VIDEO. The shock program of Javier Milei, the new Argentine president

One certainty: Milei will have to make compromises. His young party, La Libertad Avanza, has only 35 deputies out of 257 and 7 senators out of 72, and the next legislative elections are not scheduled for two years, halfway through the presidential term. Focused on economic issues, Milei should first not tackle societal issues, where he has shown extreme positions. He is thus opposed to abortion, legalized in 2021 in Argentina after years of waiting, and supports the right of everyone to bear a weapon, but he is also in favor of the legalization of the sale of and the trade in organs. He also says he is convinced that climate change is not “a human responsibility” and that polluting is authorized to create wealth.

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