Argentina: Macron finally sends Guerini to Milei’s inauguration

To attend the inauguration of its new president Javier Milei, Argentina sent France an official invitation “at the highest level”. The ceremony will take place this Sunday, December 10, in the afternoon in the Casa Rosada, the presidential palace. Except that Paris decided to first send there… its ambador in Buenos Aires, Romain Nadal. Before changing his mind and also sending the Minister of Transformation and Public Service, Stanislas Guerini. Minimum service, therefore. A way to distance yourself from this head of state who is, to say the least, controversial because of his libertarian and climate-sceptical theses but also his speeches loaded with insults and diatribes.

“Long live freedom damn it!” »

In the executive, no one was excited about making the trip. The choice of Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire was first considered to cross the Atlantic. “But Le Maire will come to Latin America in the first half of 2024. His schedule does not allow him to come to the region twice in a few months,” explains a diplomatic source. The Secretary of State for Europe, Laurence Boone, also declined. As for Minister Delegate for Foreign Trade Olivier Becht, who participated in the inauguration of Brazilian President Lula last January, he will be in the United States at the same time for a long-planned visit. Finally, Emmanuel Macron maintains very friendly relations with the outgoing president Alberto Fernandez…

Nothing to be visibly upset about Javier Milei who sent Emmanuel Macron a football team jersey of Boca Juniors, a legendary club from Buenos Aires, with a dedication of its campaign slogan: “Long live freedom, damn it!” “. A gift that visibly pleased the Élysée, the head of state posing with it, thumbs up, before sending the photo to Milei, which he immediately tweeted on Friday.

A way for France to establish a relationship with the Argentine president? In any case, a gesture that Javier Milei used to gain credibility on the international scene. After the election of his Argentine counterpart, Emmanuel Macron congratulated him on his victory, before emphasizing “the friendship, based on common values, which binds the French and Argentine people”, the Élysée then reported.

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