Ari Boulogne, the man who claimed to be Delon’s son, found dead in Paris, his partner and her son arrested

It is the tragic end of a dramatic life that of Ari Boulogne, photographer, who said he was the son of Alain Delon and Nico, the muse of the Velvet Underground, but whom the French actor never wanted to acknowledge. According to reports from Le Parisien, Ari Boulogne was found dead in his Parisian home on Friday night: his body was in an advanced state of decomposition in the living room. The fifty-year-old woman who called the police says she is his partner and was with her 21-year-old son: the two, again according to reports from Le Parisien, were arrested for hit and miss to “” clarify the circumstances in which the death may have occurred of the victim, who was hemiplegic,” the prosecutor said.

Alain Delon has always denied being the father of Ari Boulogne, while his mother Nico, model and singer, who died in 1988, has always maintained that her son was born from a brief relationship with the actor in the early Sixties. Ari had also sued for the recognition of paternity, but the French justice rejected the case claiming that the jurisdiction was the competence of Switzerland, the country in which Delon is a resident.

Ari Boulogne was raised by Alain Delon’s mother, Edith (with whom the actor has always had a bad relationship) who had taken him with her to her home on the outskirts of Paris. And her second husband, Pierre Boulogne, even adopted little Ari, giving him his surname. In the tormented story, adolescence is marked by the rapprochement with her mother Nico, but also by her drug addiction. And since we were sixteen we have also shared , the same syringe. For us it was a way of being together”. Nico died suddenly in 1988 of a cerebral hemorrhage following a bicycle crash in Ibiza and what followed was a dramatic period for Ari: life on the street, , hospitalizations in psychiatric hospitals. But then he had recovered, detoxified, he also had two children. And in recent years the cause to be recognized as the son of Delon, who never wanted to know.

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