Arlettaz, Sempéré, Jeanjean… Galthié presents his new staff

The Blues coach presented the new members of his staff during a press conference on Friday in Hérault.

The coach of the XV of France Fabien Galthié confirmed the new members of its staffcomposed of Patrick Arlettaz, Laurent Sempéré and Nicolas Jeanjean, during a press conference organized Friday at the Pic Saint-Loup rugby club (Hérault).

When it was necessary to replace the starters, I took those who seemed to me to be the best, each with their own style, with different experiences.“, explained Fabien Galthié.

Patrick Arlettaz, 51, trained in Perpignan for several seasons (from 2012 to 2023), serving as manager there for the last four years. He will take charge of the attack of the XV of France.

Coming from Stade Français, where he took care of the forwards since the end of his career in 2019, Laurent Sempéré, 38, will take charge of the conquest of the Blues.

Both replace respectively Karim Ghezal and Laurent Labit who left for Stade français.

Ibanez will link with World Rugby

Nicolas Jeanjean, 42, was already a member of the staff of the XV of France and replaces as performance director Thibault Giroud, now at Bordeaux-Bègles.

The French championship is very educational for coaches, it often forces coaches to surp themselves. They will bring us their skills and know-how», continued Galthié.

This new staff will be put to the test from the opening of the Six Nations Tournament against Ireland on February 2 in Marseille.

During this press point, the coach also confirmed the expansion of Raphaël Ibanez’s functions. The general manager of the XV of France will also have “important work to do to represent the French team to World Rugby» as well as a role “with other French teams», underlined Galthié.

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