Armband “One Love”: the English press regrets the lack of courage of the FA and the intolerance of FIFA

The day after the decision of the seven European selections, including England, to give up wearing the “One Love” inclusive armband, because of the threats of sanctions pronounced by FIFA, the British press had difficulty on Tuesday to find a scapegoat. If the lack of courage of the FA, the English Football Federation, has been pointed out, the position of FIFA has also inevitably been strongly criticized.

Yes, it is a surrender. Yes, it’s a white flag rather than a rainbow armband » started on DailyMirror. ” But this shameful flashback should shed a much fiercer and more damning critical light on FIFA and the Qatari organizers. “, who notably put pressure on these selections to prevent them from wearing this armband, going against Qatari laws on homosexuality.

‘England’s protest has always been a hollow gesture, but the real villains here are still FIFA’

While in France, captain Hugo Lloris quickly announced that he wanted do not go beyond the frame established by FIFA, renouncing any gesture of protest, England’s desire to wear the disputed armband was not enough to convince the press across the Channel. ” England’s protest has always been a hollow gesture ” deplores the DailyMailbut the real villains here are still FIFA “.

the Telegram preferred to focus on the gesture of former player Alex Scott, now a journalist on the BBC, who chose on the sidelines of England’s first match against Iran to appear on set with the “One Love” armband. She recently revealed her first love was one of her England team-mates Kelly Smith.

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