Armistice between Israel and “Islamic Jihad” entered into force

In the evening on Saturday, the truce between Israel and the radical Palestinian group “Islamic Jihad”, concluded earlier that day with the mediation of Egypt, entered into force. This is reported by information agencies. The conclusion of the truce was confirmed by representatives of “Islamic Jihad”. Israel did not officially comment on the message.

The truce is supposed to put an end to the current outbreak of violence, which has lasted for five days. On Tuesday morning, Israel struck targets in the Gaza Strip. The Palestinians confirmed the death of several “Islamic Jihad” commanders, among the dead were also civilians, including a doctor with Russian citizenship. The Palestinian group responded with rocket attacks on the territory of Israel. In just 5 days, more than a thousand rockets were fired from Gaza, some of them reaching Tel Aviv. Two people became victims of strikes in Israel.

Israel responded with a new wave of bombing of Gaza. It is reported that three more prominent commanders of the “Islamic Jihad” were killed.

This Palestinian group does not recognize the existence of Israel, and the Israeli authorities, in turn, consider it a terrorist organization. Therefore, they do not conduct direct negotiations between themselves – Egypt acts as a mediator in them. Armistices are concluded for an indefinite period, while neither side abandons its positions.

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