around 50 police officers injured on the sidelines of a match in Frankfurt

By Le Figaro with AFP

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Clashes between law enforcement and hooligans in Frankfurt X

Around 50 police officers were injured on Saturday during scuffles with supporters of the Frankfurt football club just before a home match of Eintracht in the German championship, local authorities said overnight from Saturday to Sunday. Several members of the Frankfurt stadium security service were also injured during the clashes and four members of the security forces had to be taken to hospital, according to a police press release. The latter specified that it had carried out “several arrests“.

The scuffles started around 5:45 p.m. local time (4:45 p.m. GMT), 45 minutes before the start of a match on the 12th day of the Bundesliga between Frankfurt and Stuttgart, ultimately won 2-1 by the visitors. The Eintracht venue, Deutsche Bank Park, can accommodate 51,000 spectators. A group of local supporters first attacked the security service who wanted to carry out a check at the entrance to the stadium usually reserved for “ultras» from the Frankfurt club.

They were quickly joined by other ultras already installed in their stand at the stadium and who hastily left to join the clashes. Intervening, the police were in turn targeted by jets of “pyrotechnic products“, iron barriers and bottles, before being able to put an end to the incidents, according to the press release. Following these clashes, the start of the match took place in front of the stand reserved for supporters.ultras» partly empty.

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