Arthur Iturria leaves Clermont because of “homesickness”

The announcement caused a stir on Thursday. The third line and captain of Clermont, Arthur Iturria, did not wish to extend his lease with the Auvergne club, preferring to commit to Aviron Bayonnais for the next four seasons. A decision that he explained to our colleagues in the Mountain. “Even if I do not dispute the sports project of Bayonne, I took this decision only for personal reasons, even family. My wife is Basque, my little boy was born there last year and the desire to return to the country was growing stronger.. (…) The decision was very difficult to make. I am very attached to ASM, I have an important role in the team. I don’t forget that, thanks to this club, I lifted the Brennus. I owe a lot to Clermont and my deepest desire is to finish this season well. But, yes, homesickness weighed heavily.At 28, Arthur Iturria (15 selections from 2017 to 2019) will therefore probably end his career in the Basque Country.

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