Artificial intelligence: in this nursing home, caregivers are equipped with “big ears”

In the corridor, we hear a man moaning in the distance. Repeated murmurs, between the complaint and the cry of pain. It’s past 1 p.m. the nursing home René-Fortin, near Brest (Finistère). Jean-François Urbide, caregiver stationed in this wing of the 2nd floor, hears nothing but suddenly sees his cell phone turn on, vibrate, then ring. “New alert room 208,” the man in the white coat reads on the screen. Immediately, after checking his mobile about the content of the complaint, he headed towards René’s room. (first name has been changed). Wherever he is in the corridors, he no longer worries, he will be warned. The “big ears” watch over him.

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No science fiction film being filmed in these cold and aging locations in the Brest suburbs but an astonishing device being tested, launched by OSO, a Breton start-up. Since mid-November, thanks to the “augmented ear”, a sort of small, discreet white box positioned in each room, the ten or so caregivers who work day and night here can react, almost in real time, and run to people elderly if the need becomes pressing.

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