Artificial intelligence: tomorrow, all unemployed?

Don’t throw any more! Ever since ChatGPT took the entire planet by surprise with its stunning performance, the world has been buzzing with questions about generative artificial intelligences (AIs), so called because they can “generate” content by extrapolating from a huge database. These technologies capable of successfully ping very specific exams will they tip humanity into a new era?

Science fiction scenarios with Hollywood accents and calls for calm follow one another, driven by this disturbing observation: the vast majority of specialists questioned humbly acknowledge that they had not anticipated such a sudden acceleration in the performance of generative AIs. Very big names, including one of the fathers of artificial intelligence, even called, in a letter with dramatic accents , to a pause in this frantic technological race. And not a week goes by without a very concrete subject resurfacing in the media: the impact of these AIs on employment. With their incredible capacities, will these robots of a new kind put battalions of workers out of work and trigger a violent social and then political crisis? In a few months, studies on the subject have proliferated.

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