Ascension Bridge: schools closed for all students this Friday

Who, at school, has never dreamed of a weekend of 4 or even 5 days? In this week of Ascension, this dream will soon come true. From Tuesday evening or Wednesday noon, depending on the school organization, kindergarten, primary, middle and high school students will finally be able to say to their teachers: “see you Monday! “. This is the Ascension Bridge which allows this extended weekend: there will be no cl this Friday.

The Ascension Day begins this Thursday, May 18 and therefore spans the following Friday. The school calendar specifies it, each school in France will have its doors closed for at least 4 days. It is the only systematic bridge of the school calendar.

Generalization in 2015

The extension of the Ascension Day has not always been topical.

Before the former Minister of National Education, Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, imposed it on all rectorates in 2015, the latter took the decision themselves whether or not to grant a rest longer than a single day. public holiday, that is to say free the day of Friday. The decision of the former minister thus responded to the large number of children who left with their families to follow truant school. The rate of absenteeism in cles the day after Ascension Thursday defied, so to speak, the authority of National Education.

It is now up to the parents to make arrangements to occupy or babysit their children during the long Ascension weekend. These children who will very soon be free as the air.

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