ociates of Cooperativa Piá live a mixture of hope and apprehension

A mixture of relief, hope and apprehension hangs over Nova Petrópolis and other municipalities where milk producers have their activity linked to Cooperativa Piá. After resignation of the board of directors and the Board of Directorsannounced this Wednesday (17), suppliers and ociates hope that new times – and measures – will allow the company to recover.

The understanding is that some change needed to happen to change the environment and the market’s perception of Piá, after years of an administration that did not work and saw the cooperative sink into debt, losses and lack of cash to pay the essential: its raw material suppliers.
“We are afraid of what could happen, but we are more optimistic about the previous situation. The board did not open up to the producers, it did not share the difficulties. I imagine they tried to solve it on their own, but it didn’t work”, says a producer from Linha Brasil, in the host municipality.

Without wanting to be identified, he says that he had never been without receiving payment for the milk delivered. When rumors that the situation had become even more complicated, he started calling the cooperative daily to find out if there would be money. After all, just referring to the milk delivered in April, the bill already reaches R$ 70 thousand. For now, he prefers to partner with Piá, to whom he delivered 1,100 liters of milk today. “My account with them is already at R$ 170,000. For now I have a reservation and I can face this month. But for the future, no. I need to feed the animals to keep producing”.

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