Astrid and Raphaëlle, on France 2, far ahead of “The Secret Song”, on TF1

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Astrid (Sara Mortensen) and Raphaëlle (Lola Dewaere) PHILIPPELEROUS / © Philippe LE ROUX – FTV – JLA

The audiences for Friday December 1, 2023 for the first part of the evening programs.

France 2 established itself at the top of the audiences this Friday, December 1, 2023 with the continuation of season 4 ofAstrid and Raphaëlle . The new episode of the successful detective series hosted by Sara Mortensen and Lola Dewaere was followed by 5.18 million viewers, according to Médiamétrie, or 25.9% of the entire public and 11.7% of women responsible for purchasing aged under 50 (FRDA-50). The following rebroadcast retained the attention of 3.73 million viewers, or 21.7% of the public and 10.2% of the FRDA-50).

“The secret song” is not a success

TF1 takes second place on the podium with a new opus of “The Secret Song” in which Nikos Aliagas received eight personalities, including Véronique Sanson, Laetitia Hallyday, Pablo Mira, Adeline Toniutti, Gaétan Roussel and Camille Lellouche. Their covers entertained 2.76 million viewers during the first part of the show, or 14.0% of the public and 16.6% of the FRDA-50. The rest of the program attracted 2.31 million viewers, or 16.2% of the public and 19.9% ​​of the FRDA-50.

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France 3 follows with the football match, France/Austria, on the poster of the Women’s Nations League. Commented live from Roazhon Park in Rennes by Fabien Lévêque, Louisa Necib and Stéphane Lippert, the meeting nourished the hopes of 1.52 million football fans, or 8.2% of the entire public and 4 .0% of FRDA-50. For comparison, France/Portugal, won by Les Bleues on September 22, 2023, had gathered 1.61 million viewers on the same channel (8.9% of the public and 4.6% of FRDA-50).

Gulli creates a surprise

M6 remains at the foot of the podium with The meaning of family good-natured comedy embodied by Alexandra Lamy and Franck Dubosc. Released in theaters in 2020 and still unpublished on the shelves, the light work entertained 1.11 million viewers, or 5.9% of the public and 12.8% of the FRDA-50. An unsatisfactory score considering the 3.04 million viewers recorded last Friday, November 3 with Encanto, the fantastic Madrigal familyprevious Friday movie night on the 6th.

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As for other channels, Gulli create a surprise with Who wants Roger Rabbit’s skin? an incisive, transgressive and hilarious American family cartoon from the 80s, discovered or rewatched by 866,000 viewers, or 4.6% of the public and 8.5% of the FRDA-50. W9 continues with “Action investigation”, magazine presented by Marie-Ange Casalta, which kept 829,000 viewers in suspense (4.5% of the public and 6.1% of the FRDA-50). She is followed by Artewhich records 783,000 fans with the broadcast of the 2014 German comedy-drama, The baby and the tramp (4.0% of the public and 1.1% of FRDA-50).

Audiences of the first part of the evening of Friday, December 1


France 2 TV program

Astrid and Raphaëlle

5,183,000 viewers


TF1 TV program

The secret song

2,763,000 viewers


France 3 TV program

Women’s Nations League

1,521,000 viewers


M6 TV program

The meaning of family

1,114,000 viewers


Gulli TV Program

Who wants Roger Rabbit’s skin?

866,000 viewers

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