Astrid Guyart: “a lot of violence was expressed”

“How did you experience this day?
It’s a trying day, a lot of violence has been expressed today and yet the resolutions have been widely approved, it’s positive. But it is not the feeling that predominates. I’m not sure that the sports movement needs this violence to function.

So you’re acting president?
Brigitte (Henriques) does not resign until June 29, until then she remains president. We will discuss it, to see how she sees things. We are no further ahead than when we left the General embly and we can understand why. Imagine the emotional charge she received today! If I take the metaphor of a competition, after a competition won or lost, you need to take some time off. So we weren’t going to jump on him, we’re going to discuss it calmly.

Resignation was the only solution?
The conflict had become a personal conflict, as we clearly saw through the various complaints. That’s what brought us to an impe and we couldn’t get out of it until Brigitte made this decision. At this point, there is certainly no longer any possibility of getting out of it otherwise and of coming out on top. It also allows justice to do its job. There have been complaints and it is not up to us on a board of directors to become a people’s tribunal.

Are athletes affected by this situation?
I don’t want to speak on behalf of the Athletes’ Commission (of which she is vice-president) although the subject was not directly mentioned. In turn, everyone is affected, the athletes, the territories, the federations, the volunteers… When the world of sport is dented, the damage is collateral.

What are the priority files?
The Club France of course and the Gagner en France program which should allow all the athletes to be in the best conditions to perform at the 2024 Paris Games. There is also the heritage file or the CNOSF marketing program to consolidate its financial base.

Will you run for president?
No. I have a one-month-old baby girl in my arms, I have a job and I think there are quality people on this board of directors who will be able to apply.

David Lappartient, for example?
I do not express myself on this subject”.

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