Asvel left the Metropolitans no chance and won the shock

The advanced shock of the 24th day of Betclic Elite turned into a correction on Tuesday. On his floor, Asvel disgusted Boulogne-Levallois in a one-sided match (86-69). For his return to the Astroballe, Victor Wembanyama received his champion ring for the 2021-2022 season, but could not influence the score as he intended (15 points, 11 rebounds). Thanks, in particular, to a great Nando De Colo (17 points, 60% from 3 points), the Villeurbannais temporarily go back to fourth place in the championship. The Mets, they remain second, but expose themselves to a return from Cholet.

During the first 20 minutes, Asvel gave off a feeling of power rarely seen this season. In their room at the Astroballe, TJ Parker’s men entered the match perfectly by quickly taking off on the scoreboard (9-2, 4th minute). Thanks to a resounding entry from Youssoupha Fall (11 points, 6 rebounds in just eleven minutes on the floor), the Rhodanians kept their opponents at bay throughout the game.

More aggressive, the Villeurbannais took 50 rebounds against 30. Above all, they were much more skilful (6/15 from three points against 1/12 at the break). Thanks to two shots behind Jonah Matthews’ line, Asvel continued their near-perfect first period. And even after a slight revival of form for the Mets, it was Nando De Colo who sprayed twice at three points to breathe new life into his team (43-27, 19th). At half-time, only Victor Wembanyama had exceeded the 10-point mark on the Boulogne-Levallois side, with his 12 units.

From Colo and Pons to patterns

If we believed in a burst from Ile-de-France on the return from the locker room, with a reuring shot in the racket from Tashawn Thomas, the hosts continued to maintain order with two consecutive three-pointers from Nando De Colo then Dee Bost (53-36 , 22nd). Forced to take risks, the Metropolitans left several gaping holes including which engulfed Yves Pons, author of three overpowering dunks, before offering himself a nice shot behind the line (65-45, 27th). Lacking playing time, the 23-year-old winger was a major et for his team (17 points with 86% success), along with Nando De Colo. Much more serene, the Villeurbannais left no hope to their opponents.

The score being already recorded in outline, the last quarter did not give rise to the same spectacle. Little seen before, Tremont Waters still took the opportunity to heal his statistics (21 points, 7 ists). The match is in any case to forget for the men of Vincent Collet. Very quickly led to the score, they never knew how to reverse the trend. The fault, first, with an astonishing awkwardness (5/21 behind the line), then with fatal defensive largesse. With this defeat, Boulogne-Levallois could see Cholet return to his height, in the event of victory at Gravelines on Saturday March 21 at 8 p.m.

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