At the bedside of the victims of the knife attack in Annecy, Emmanuel Macron evokes “the worst barbarity there is”

Emmanuel Macron leaves the Haute-Savoie prefecture after meeting the rescue forces, in Annecy, on June 9, 2023.

The word imposed itself: barbarism. Friday, June 9, twenty-four hours after the tragic stabbing of four children from 22 months to 3 years old, and two adults, Emmanuel Macron, visiting Annecy at the scene of the tragedy, did not wish to qualify the attack before justice clarified the case. He merely erted: “Attacking children is the worst barbarity there is. That’s what I think upset us all.”. “There are things that are not digestible. The violence behind these acts is unheard of. We don’t have to get used to it.” he insisted.

After going earlier to the bedside of the little victims, two French and a British child, treated at the Grenoble University Hospital, after meeting the injured adults at Annecy hospital and after having heard from the Dutch child transferred to the hospital in Geneva, Switzerland, the President of the Republic could not suppress a kind of relief. “We can hold the highest of hopes for the adults and children who have been affected,” he smiled, referring to the information transmitted by the caregivers, thanking the police, firefighters and hospital staff for their action, fast and effective.

“All of this tells us one thing: what holds public power together when the worst happens holds together as an organic whole”, he concluded, also thanking the citizens who intervened to put an end to the carnage by helping to neutralize the ailant, a Syrian refugee in his thirtieswho ured during the drama act “in the name of Jesus Christ”.

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These citizens “in a news that sometimes makes us see the worst of the faces of humanity, tells us how much having received an education, carrying values ​​and knowing how to find in oneself the springs of what keeps us upright allows us to make great gestures”, greeted Emmanuel Macron. One man in particular, referred to as “the man with the backpack”, Henri, 24, was the center of attention. This young, Catholic, who was carrying out a “tour of the cathedrals”, was near the park at the time of the killing; he is described as a hero for helping to neutralize the killer. ” If we feed on beautiful things, the French can raise their heads in the face of evil”he ured the Head of State.

The far right is trying to name the culprits

The hope of seeing the victims recover had not, in the evening of Friday, put an end to the political comments which, hour after hour, seek to water the anger and the indignation. Since the tragedy occurred on Thursday, the extreme right, from the National Rally to Eric Zemmour and his troops, have been trying to identify the culprits.

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