At the Césars, Brad Pitt and climate denial

At the Césars, Brad Pitt and climate denial

American actor Brad Pitt during the 48ᵉ Césars ceremony, at the Olympia, in Paris, on February 24, 2023.

Recently, while I was hanging out in the shelves of a Darty (yes, we have the cultural activities that we can), I came across an adverti*****t for a De’Longhi coffee machine at 599.99 euros. The image featured a tanned, ageless Brad Pitt leaning coolly on the spotless countertop of a generic kitchen, coffee in hand. Looking away, as if he couldn’t care less about this promotional activity, Brad managed to really create the impression that he was my best friend, with whom I was going to share a steaming Arabica in the minute. That’s probably what an actor is, a guy who can sell you both an unrealistic character that gets younger as you get older and an overpriced percolator.

Few days ago, during the 48e Night of the Caesarsthis same Brad Pitt made a surprise appearance to present an award to the American director David Fincher, suddenly shaking the purring interpersonality of French cinema. The secret has been well kept so that the “wow” effect of the happening is total. “He’s the funniest bastard I’ve ever met”said the actor about the author of the film fight club. Standing ovation. Even if he trails accusations of domestic violence, Brad Pitt enjoys an aura of reinforced concrete, which places him far ahead of his co-religionists in terms of popularity.

Johnny Depp is now a “posterboy” toxic masculinityLeonardo Di Caprio overplays the thickened Peter Pans, George Clooney rides a pedalo on Lake Como when Brad, more than ever, embodies the sunny Hollywood star, accessible, sensitive to the refined charms of our country (he has a wine estate in Miraval, in the Var). ” What elegance ! Absolute kindness, that’s it. Like all greats, they are simple. He gave me compliments. He loves France, he loves the cinema”enthused Benoît Magimel, on the set of “C à vous” on France 5, on February 27, debriefing his meeting with the American actor.

Unapproved happening

Yes, but here it is: during this boring buttocks clip broadcast by Canal+, Brad Pitt, a star descended from his Olympus to warm up the egos of French cinema, found himself in spite of himself at the heart of yet another moment at the Don’t Look Up (from the name of this Netflix movie where, too busy having fun, the world does not want to see the giant meteorite that will destroy it). On this same Olympia stage, a few moments earlier, Nina, 24, Last Renovation activist, had appeared, wearing a T-shirt “We have 761 days left” (“We have 761 days left”), in reference to the time we still have, according to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, to keep the planet below 1.5°C of warming.

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