At the La Rochelle fiction festival, Arte announces new fiction

“I’m capsizing, come quickly. » These are the last words of the boss of the “Bugaled Breizh”, Breton trawler which sank off the coast of Britain in 2004, killing five sailors. To recount the investigation which followed the sinking, and the way in which it clashed with the French and international authorities, Agnès Olivier, new director of fiction at Arte, announced this Thursday, on the sidelines of the La Rochelle fiction festival (Charente-Maritime), which runs until this Sunday, trust the screenwriters Anne Landois, creator of “Engrenages”, and Sophie Kovess-Brun. The project, currently at the end of development, should be called “37 seconds”. The production will be entrusted to Laure de Butler (“Syndrome E”, ” The promise “).

Audrey Fouché, co-writer on “Borgia” and ” Ghosts “, works on “Eraser/Ignorer”, in partnership with Azilys Tanneau. They will tell the story of a student, forced to accept a position as a content moderator for web giants. Confronted with images of incredible violence, which she must flirt with, the young girl develops a depersonalization syndrome.

A TV film with Laure Calamy and Jonathan Cohen

The Franco-German channel was also delighted to broadcast, in 2024, “Je ne me sera plus faire”, which marks “the great return of Gustave Kervern behind the camera”. In this French-style “Thelma and Louise”, an old lady decides to take revenge on all the evil individuals she has encountered in her life, taking with her a cleaning lady 20 years her junior.

The TV film will bring together Yolande Moreau and Laura Calamy in a crazy ode to revolt and friendship. Marie Gillain, Raphaël Quenard, Jonathan Cohento name a few, are also part of the cast.

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