At the PCF, the line of Fabien Roussel acclaimed by communist members

At the PCF, the line of Fabien Roussel acclaimed by communist members

Fabien Roussel, here on January 17, 2023 during a meeting against pension reform.

The renewal of Fabien Roussel at the head of the Communist Party (PCF) is on the right track after the broad victory, on Sunday January 29, of the pro-Roussel orientation text which will form the basis of the next party congress in April.

The text of his supporters obtained nearly 82% of the votes of the 29,898 voters, out of 42,237 up-to-date militants registered, against 18% for the text “Emergency of communism” presented by the internal opponents of the outgoing leader.

Fabien Roussel, presidential candidate for 2022 (2.3%), came forward as the big favorite to succeed him at the head of the PCF. He considers the left-wing Nupes coalition limited to conquering power and intends to continue on its “identity” line, wishing to bring the party out of the shadow of La France insoumise. He also continues to want to promote “work value”a speech that arouses much controversy on the left.

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The text of his supporters “Communist Ambition for Happy New Days” was adopted by a narrow majority in the National Council in December, a preliminary but not decisive step. This tight result motivated Fabien Roussel’s detractors to present an alternative text, “Emergency of communism, together for popular victories”, which criticizes a personalization of the party and wishes the deepening of the Nupes. After the vote on Sunday now opens an amendment phase, in February and March in the sections, then by the communist federations of the country.

Figures who were divided into two texts at the last congress had this time leagued together to weigh against the management: the former national secretary Pierre Laurent and the mayor of Ivry-sur-Seine, Philippe Bouyssou, thus rub shoulders with Elsa Faucillon and Stéphane Peu, deputies in favor of a rapprochement with LFI. But none of them had been, even unofficially, designated as potential national secretary if their text were to prevail.

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Tenors of the party like the mayor of Montreuil, Patrice Bessac, and the deputy Sébastien Jumel, notoriously refractory to Mr. Roussel, had meanwhile chosen to remain neutral for the moment.

The PCF has about 90,000 members, but only the 40,000 people who have paid their dues can vote, physically in the sections, by post or by proxy. The national congress of the party will take place in Marseilles from April 7 to 9.

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