At the Polish National Home in Glen Cove: Joyful celebrations of the May holidays

Celebrating the anniversary of the adoption of the Constitution on May 3 is a tradition continued by the board and members of the Polish National Home in Glen Cove, Long Island with the great support of the Polish Supplementary School. Paderewski in Glen Head. Such celebrations are the best promotion of Polish history and culture. This is a unique education lesson for the youngest American-Polish community.

Elizabeth Popławska

The May holidays celebrated in Glen Cove also include the Polish Diaspora and Poles Abroad Day and the Polish Flag Day. The celebrations take place in the elegantly renovated and spacious reception hall of the National House. It should be added here that in October this year, PDN will celebrate its 100th anniversary, which shows the exceptional patriotism of the local Polish community, members of this organization and leaders. Elżbieta Majewski is a long-time president and a constant social activist in PDN. During its operation, the entire facility was rebuilt, including the large parking lot, which required an exceptional amount of work. The president has always been able to mobilize the PDN community to action.

From the left: Bogdan Czerwonka, Natalia Janeczko (graduate of the Polish school), Sabrina Janeczko (graduate of the school), Joanna Keczmer (former teacher and headmaster), Ola Strzelichowski (student of cl 8), Emily Czerwonka (graduate of the school) and Janusz Grabarz (former longtime school principal

On Sunday, May 7, the President welcomed the Polish community and the honorary guests at the Polish community celebration of the adoption of the May 3rd Constitution, popularly known as the 3rd May Academy. Pamela Panzenbeck, Mayor of Glen Cove, graced the ceremony with her presence. It was also attended by: Ryszard Brzozowski – a long-time Polish community worker – president of the Polish American Congress (KPA) on Long Island, Karolina Kowalczyk – honorary president of Polish Gift of Life, representatives of the KPA from LI – Mr. and Mrs. Koralewski, members of the Polish Diaspora of Long Island with Dr. Jolanta Sygnarowicz, members of PDN, teachers, parents and students of the Polish Supplementary School for them. I. Paderewski in Glen Head.

After the welcome, the microphone was taken over by Agata Strzelichowski – a young, educated, local leader, director of the Polish school in Glen Head. The entire ceremony was held in accordance with the adopted rules of celebrating national holidays, i.e. the introduction and removal of banners and the singing of Polish and American anthems. The speech on the Constitution on May 3 was delivered by Adam Mrowca – grandson of Daniela Mrowca (one of the longest-serving member of PDN) and a graduate of the Polish school in Glen Head. Adam emphasized how important the constitution was in ordering our statehood and Poland’s independence. It is noteworthy that Adam conducted the lecture in two languages, Polish and English.

In the artistic part, students of the Polish school of Paderewski in Glen Head.

Grade 2 students recite the poem “What is Poland?” Czesław Janczarski (from the left): Emma Banafsheha, Oliwer Korytowski, Bianka LiBuono, Penelope Brzezinski

The audience was delighted with the recitation of Władysław Bełza’s “Polish Children’s Catechism” by the youngest – from kindergarten and kindergarten. The poem “Anniversary” by Stanisław Aleksandrzak was also performed by Julita Wiechowski – Miss Polonia Glen Cove 2022, a devoted Polish community volunteer on Long Island.

The vocal performance of student Ola Strzelichowska and graduates of the school Emily Czerwonka and Sabrina Backiel, conducted by Bogdan Czerwonka – founder and musician of the musical and instrumental band Nos Te Domine, received much applause. The performance of this band is always a highly anticipated part of the artistic program. It consists of: Bogdan Czerwonka – guitar, Janusz Grabarz – piano, Joanna Keczmer – vocals (former teacher and director of a Polish school, guest sang with a music band), Robert Wirkowski – guitar. The team presented songs: “Where are the flowers from those years”, “Pałacyk Michla”, “Everywhere is my homeland”. Most of the songs were sung by everyone in the room.

In the musical part, Fryderyk Chopin’s piano works were performed by Eliana Molina and Antoni Zarkowski.

The exhibition of posters on the Constitution of May 3 prepared by the students was the background for the performances of young Polish artists.

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