At the Toulon court, the exposure of marital hatred

When she entered the courtroom of the Toulon Criminal Court on Friday, September 16, uncuffed but surrounded by two guards, Priscilla M. smiled at the friends who came to support her. This 47-year-old mother, a former military engineer, had been on the run with her daughter for eleven years. Arrested in March 2022 in Switzerland during a banal road check and then extradited to France, she appeared for child abduction and slanderous denunciation of her ex-husband, two offenses for which she was sentenced in absence to three years and two years of imprisonment. The gaze of Alain C., 74, seated on the bench of the civil parties, glides over the defendant then turns away. "So we're going to start all over again from the beginning," announces the president, Marie-Laure Arnouil. We feared the exposure of marital hatred, it was worse.

At the time of the disappearance, Camille, the couple's child, was 5 years old. His parents, divorced, have been torn for months over his care. The incidents are multiplying, the procedures before the judge for family affairs too. The mother uses the pretext of an imposed military transfer far from the Var, to Bordeaux, to demand the end of the shared residence, the judge discovers that she has lied and fixes Camille's domicile at her father's.

A few weeks later, on January 6, 2011, Priscilla M. went to the Toulon police station to file a complaint against Alain C. Her daughter, she said, had just confided in her that her father was sexually touching her. The child is heard for the first time at the minors' brigade. “He goes to bed naked with me, he shows me his penis… He wants me to put it in my mouth. Every day he hurts me, he hurts me all the way on earth. » During a second audition, Camille says that her father " has tried " to touch her but that she "hidden" and that she has it " stop. » The expert psychologist who examines the little girl is surprised at the "detachment" of the child. She speaks " in a recitative mode, he notes.

"There's something I forgot"

On January 18, Priscilla M. alerts the police station to new, even more serious confidences from her daughter. Camille's third audition. "There's something I forgot" she announces to the investigator, it is her mother who gave it to her. "recalled". "Wait until I thinkshe said, before continuing. In fact, dad he put his penis in the hole of the buttocks. It was every day. It hurt me very very very badly. » The gynecological examination of the child reveals no lesions. The psychological expertise does not report any psychological suffering, sexual or phobic disorder. The complaint is dismissed by the prosecution. An investigation for slanderous denunciation is opened, Priscilla M., who lives with her mother, is placed in police custody. The next day, she disappears with Camille.

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