At the trial for illegal botox injections, the meeting of stupidity, venality and Instagram

One of the victims of illegal botox injections, before the criminal court of Valenciennes (North), September 13, 2023.

Camilla and Ajar L. undoubtedly wanted to be the best ambadors of their successful business: not a single part of their face was not plumped, smoothed, inflated, pulled, arched, reshaped. The two sisters, aged 25 and 22, appeared on Wednesday September 13 before the criminal court of Valenciennes (North) for having performed illegal botox and hyaluronic acid injections on more than six hundred “clients”, including twenty-four filed a complaint.

We first take for a third sister the woman sitting in the front row of the audience, same sculpted cheekbones, fake orange hair brightened up with an electric blue plastic flower matching her tight t-shirt. We later understand that the ageless lady is their mother. And we move forward to encounter stupidity, venality and Instagram.

Tracked for weeks by a team from the Villeneuve-d’Ascq gendarmerie, the two young women were arrested in flagrante delicto, one Sunday in May, as they left a “injection session”. At their mother’s home, where they lived, the gendarmes seized hundreds of syringes and vials, some of which were expired, bearing Russian or Korean labels.

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Their investigation began with the identification of an Instagram account, “Injection Lille” and its twin Snapchat, on which the avatar of a young, curvy brunette woman, “Dr Lougayne”, was displayed, guaranteeing its “darlings” THE “best results to enhance your lips”, all illustrated with before-and-after photos taken from the Internet. By tracing the IP address, they came across Camilla L., unknown to the medical order, holder of several bank and Paypal accounts, on which they had found traces of 623 transactions in less than two years. His winnings are estimated at 122,000 euros.

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“My pion is to beautify women”, says Camilla L. in a confident voice, the only one to appear detained. A lesson learned from her beautician CAP, she says.

“We haven’t found your diploma,” observes the president.

– “I don’t know where I put it anymore…”, sigh the defendant, shaking the braid of black hair that falls on her waist.

For the injections, she “formed with a Russian and a Ukrainian »of which she was the names. “And then, I referred to myself as a cosmetologist on social media. I developed, I was very convincing,” she continues in the same calm tone.

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