At the trial of officials of the Avenir lycéen union, a litany of expenses and the question of state control

“I feel a bit like I was the joke. » After four hours of hearing spent dissecting the lavish expenditures made by the Avenir lycéen union between January and November 2020, Nathan M., one of the co-founders of the movement, places himself on more political ground, by answering questions of his lawyer, Me Alain Jakubowicz, at the Paris criminal court, Friday November 24, where the young man appears for ” breach of trust “.

Enzo M., treasurer of the ociation at the beginning of 2020, is also on trial for ” breach of trust “but, having recently been hospitalized, he cannot be present at the hearing. “The procedure and media pressure are not unrelated to his fragile state of health”says his lawyer, Me Emilie Ronnel. Alexia D., the president of the union at the beginning of 2020, was tried and convicted of the same charges at the end of October 2023 by a juvenile court, since she was a minor at the time of the facts.

In November 2020, the revelations of Mediapart on “Jean-Michel Blanquer’s favorite union [qui] squanders the ministry’s money” have the effect of a bomb in the educational and political world and plunge these young people into turmoil.

Dazzling debut

Born at the end of 2018 with the aim of supporting the baccalaureate reform carried out by the Minister of National Education at the time, the Avenir lycéen union is off to a dazzling start. In November 2019, the organization signed an agreement with the Ministry of National Education, which lists various objectives and grants it, within this framework, a subsidy of 65,000 euros, including 43,000 euros for the holding of a congress. founder.

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Nathan M., now 23 years old and employed by a consulting firm in the agricultural transition, briefly talks about the euphoria of rubbing shoulders with power. “at the beginning of the adventure” : “When you have the chance, at barely 18 years old, to meet leading political figures and to have a role in the country’s politics, it is extremely exhilarating”says the young man, who “met the minister in his office twice”but will not say more.

No forecast budget, no accounting… The union begins to spend without counting. Thus, 15,000 euros can buy the latest computer equipment, including two connected watches. Internal managers alerted, in spring 2020, about the pace and volume of expenses, the national delegation for high school life sent a letter to remind the ociation of its obligations, but nothing happened. Hotel nights at the Intercontinental in Lyon, lunch at the Christian Têtedoie gourmet restaurant, huge VTC bills, expense reports for drinks in bars at night… From June to October 2020, the union swallows up 80% of the subsidy, and the founding congress never took place. The state judicial agency, which has become a civil party, is now requesting reimburt of 62,000 euros.

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