At the trial of Rédoine Faïd, two polar opposite versions and an accused who is too dashing

We should not expect too much from a trial, especially not the whole truth, that of Rédoine Faïd demonstrates this day after day. The series of interrogations of the supposed actors of his spectacular escape, in 2018, from the Réau penitentiary center (Seine-et-Marne) ended on Tuesday September 26. Such a gulf separates their version from that of the file that we must resolve to this alternative: either the investigating judges were wrong, or the accused are lying enormously.

For the investigating judges, this escape is a family affair: Rédoine Faïd would have enlisted his big brother Rachid – who admits to having been part of the helicopter commando who came to exfiltrate him from prison – and two nephews, Ishaac and Karoune Herizi, whose The first would also have taken a seat on board the helicopter, while the second would have carried out reconnaissance and positioned a car used in the escape.

Rédoine Faïd swept away “pseudo-conviction” And “Chaplinesque ertions” of investigators “who manage to see people’s faces under the hoods”. This escape, he erts for his part, was a matter for professionals, in this case a few old, trustworthy acquaintances – “people I have known for thirty years, I have done things with them”. His accomplices were seven in number – three in the helicopter, four at the wheel of different cars. “So six are missing?” »asked the president of the court, Frédérique Aline. ” Yes. » Only Rachid Faïd, listening to him, would have saved the investigators from zero points.

“My Safe Guy” and “Mister X”

“Obviously, there are a lot of things you don’t know about this procedure”launched Rédoine Faïd, pointing out the “empty boxes” from which the file suffers as to the modus operandi and the composition of the commando – the investigators have, for example, never put a name to the third man in the helicopter. But the repeat robber and his co-defendants only proposed to the court to fill these empty boxes with nothing: a string of anonymous characters whose existence nothing proves.

Thus arrived in the escape project, through the declarations of one and the other, “Mr., “a childhood friend of my uncle”, ” my boy on “, “the guy in the Mégane”, “an aerial specialist”, ” HAS “, “B”, ” VS “or “Y”because “X, it’s already taken”quipped President Frédérique Aline, slightly disappointed by the silence imposed on her by the accused from whom she asked for names.

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