Attack statement from Ukraine! The death toll is rising

Attack statement from Ukraine!  The death toll is rising

It was reported that the death toll as a result of the missile attack carried out by the Russian army on the Ukrainian city of Zaporizhia increased to 10.

Attack statement from Ukraine!  The death toll is rising

In a written statement from the Telegram account of the Ukraine State Emergency Service, it was stated that search and rescue efforts continue in the debris field of the house in Zaporizhia, where the attack was carried out in the morning on March 2.

In the statement, which includes the information that 11 people have been rescued as a result of the studies, it was noted that the number of dead increased to 10 with the bodies of 3 more people, one of whom was a child, reached today.


Meanwhile, some civilians whose houses were destroyed or partially damaged while search and rescue operations continue in the rubble area in Zaporizhia are trying to save their belongings.

People, with the help of their neighbors and relatives, take special permission to enter their damaged houses and move furniture and some belongings from there.

Yulia Petreenko (42) loading her belongings into the car with her husband, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that they were at home with her husband during the attack and that they heard two loud explosions one after the other.

Stating that the house they lived in was partially damaged, Petreenko said, “There was the first explosion, the windows were destroyed. About half a minute later, the second explosion occurred. I thought everything would collapse after the second explosion.” said.

Stating that they entered the house and bought usable items after getting permission from the authorities, Petreenko stated that they would temporarily move to his brother’s house. (AA)

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