Attention, those who will go to Russia: With the new law, you can be detained because of a word

A new bill has created great controversy in Russia, which is at war with Ukraine.


Attention, those who will go to Russia: With the new law, you can be detained because of a word

While the war between Russia and Ukraine continues, a new bill coming to the agenda in Russia foresees penalties for foreigners visiting the country…

Russia is preparing to introduce a law that would force foreigners visiting the country to sign a “loyalty agreement” banning them from criticizing the Kremlin’s war in Ukraine and speaking about LGBT issues.

The draft law prepared by the Ministry of Internal Affairs comes at a time when President Putin is trying to portray Russia as being in an existential war for survival against “evil” Western countries.

State news agency T said the agreement would prohibit foreigners from “discrediting in any way the foreign and domestic state policy, public authorities and officials of the Russian Federation.”

Human rights lawyers said the law would make it impossible for western journalists to work in Russia without breaking the law. Most of them left Russia last year after the Kremlin approved a law making it a criminal offense to publish “fake news” about the Russian military’s actions in Ukraine.

While it is not yet known what penalties will be given to foreigners who violate the penalty, Russian politician Leonid Kalashnikov said that the bill will most likely be approved.


The court in Russia ruled that the LGBT movement should be considered “extremist” and its activities should be banned.

The Supreme Court of Russia convened regarding the activities of the LGBT movement in the country upon the application of the Ministry of Justice.

At the meeting, which was closed to the public, it was decided that the LGBT movement would be considered extremist and its activities would be banned.

In the statement made by the Russian Ministry of Justice on November 17, it was stated that elements of social and religious separation were detected in the activities of the LGBT movement and that this violated federal law.

In the statement, it was noted that an application was made to the Russian Supreme Court to consider the LGBT movement as “extremist” and ban its activities in the country.

With the decree signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin last year, relations in the country were included in the scope of “destructive ideas and values ​​for Russian society”.

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