Auction at Sotheby’s: the treasures of the Battlefield

THE FIGARO SELECTION – Anxious to ensure the longevity of the Château du Champ-de-Bataille and its park, its owner Jacques Garcia is selling 75 masterpieces from the immense collection he has built up over the years. We present to you our ten favourites.

No, Jacques Garcia is not in ruins and he does not intend to part with the Château du Champ-de-Bataille! If he has decided to offer for sale 75 furniture and works of art among the thousands that adorn his Norman palace, it is for an excellent reason that has nothing of a whim. Aware of having constituted in one life a land heritage and artistic talent equal to that of the oldest families in Europe, he wishes, like many owners of legendary residences, to bequeath it. But to whom?

Having no heir, Jacques Garcia has been working for years on the creation of a foundation whose purpose will be to maintain the castle du Champ-de-Bataille as well as its park. Which is a selfless way to p this wonder on to future generations. In his time, the Duke of Aumale had this intuition and the tens of thousands of annual visitors to the Chantilly castle are grateful to him.

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However, a foundation must be funded before it can be managed with discernment. It is…

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