Aurélie Ce shows her solidarity for the premiere of “C l’hebdo”

WE LOOKED FOR YOU – The new format of the France 5 show aligned its launch with the sad news, the earthquake which struck Morocco last night.

“Good evening everyone, welcome to “C l’hebdo”, your weekend magazine on France 5 with a new team, the strong stories of the week, the women and men who make the headlines”this is howAurélie Ce took up residence in the France 5 weekend show, this Saturday, September 9. The journalist already took her first steps earlier in the week on the public service channel since she also joined the team of talk columnists hosted by Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine, “It’s up to you“.

But the launch of this first show of the “C l’hebdo” season did not go as planned. After the credits, Aurélie Ce appears alone, not on the set, but in the studio dressed in jeans and a black suit jacket, her face serious. “Before we begin, we have a very strong thought this evening for the Moroccans. More 1000 dead and hundreds injured . The emergency now, find the survivors. Many countries, including France, are offering to send help to the area. The Fondation de France has launched a call for donations, you can give on the site which is currently displayed on the screen“, she declares.

She then specifies that the program that the viewers are about to watch has been “recorded before these events”. A few seconds later, she appears dressed in white with a smile displayed in the setting of her talk.

New columnists

And getting to the end of the table succeeds Aurélie Ce, who is much more at ease than in recent days in “C à vous”. She erts her style, more focused on current events than when Ali Baddou hosted the show until last season. If C8 launched “PAF» this season, France Télévisions also seems to have found its media show, much more successful than the one hosted by Pascale de la Tour du Pin.

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Aurélie Ce surrounds herself with new columnists, like Natacha Poligny who offers her signature move entitled “if I’m not mistaken”. For this first broadcast, she questions the cohabitation of two contradictory discourses, the political re-entry of Bruno Le Maire which aims to be encouraging on the French economy and the alarming situation of Restos du coeur relayed by Patrice Douret, its volunteer president. Viewers also find Matthew Belliardformer columnist for “C à vous”, who deciphers the news seen by the media.

The roles are reversed

“C l’hebdo” has a great lineup of guests for this premiere. Laurent Ruquier and Marc-Olivier Fogiel come to promote BFMTV. Aurélie Ce is on familiar ground since the journalist worked on the news channel between 2015 and 2023. Her former boss even compliments her while she has fun teaching Laurent Ruquier to launch news stories. The roles are reversed this evening on France 5. Indeed, Laurent Ruquier abandon entertainment shows upon arriving at BFMTV. Even if he still has “Les Grosses têtes” as “daily release”he remarks.

In the second part of the show, Aurélie Ce and her team receive Thierry Ardisson, another big name on TV. Also present are the Drag Queen Nicky Doll who presents “Drag Race France” and the actor of the moment Raphaël Quenard, revealed a few weeks ago in the film by Quentin Dupieux Yannick . A clash of cultures and generations which is perfectly orchestrated in a collegial atmosphere. It’s modern, fresh. The little sister of “C à vous” made a successful return to school, despite the sad news of the day.

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