Aurélien Pradié reconsiders his proposal

Aurélien Pradié during the debate between the candidates for the presidency of the Les Républicains party, November 21, 2022.

Did Aurélien Pradié get carried away by proposing to impose the uniform on the university? The proposal was born during the debate between Republican presidential candidates (LR), Monday, November 21, on LCI. The deputy for Lot declared himself in favor of wearing a uniform not only at school, as he had proposed so far, but also ” at University “.

“I propose that from now on all our students wear the same dress for two objectives: an objective of imperative secularism (…), but also a goal [d’égalité] social[e] », he launched while he was debating with his competitors Eric Ciotti and Bruno Retailleau on the subject of secularism and the wearing of the veil. He went on to add that it was necessary “Rearm the Republic” in terms of secularism, because “school, college, high school, university are sacred spaces”.

The journalist Ruth Elkrief then revived him by asking if the wearing of the uniform that he wishes to put in place would apply to the university. “Yes, including at university. Anyway, I have no problem with it.”replied Mr. Pradié.

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“I never talked about uniforms at university”

Then questioned about this new proposal from their opponent, the two other contenders for the presidency of LR directly opposed it, judging the proposal of Mr. Pradié hazardous beyond secondary school. Bruno Retailleau affirmed “doubting the application of uniforms at the university” when Éric Ciotti said he was not “certain that for an adult at the university it is allowed”. “We would have some reaction movements in the amphitheatres, and we have enough tensions like that”, he added.

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Asked about his remarks on Wednesday, Mr. Pradié tried somehow to clarify them, in fact backtracking. “In schools, colleges and high schools, I don’t want any religious sign”, did he first throw at the microphone of Europe 1before continuing: “On the issue of universities, yes, I think we have a battle to fight today. »

Affirming on several occasions not to have “never talked about uniform at the university” and avoiding reminders, Aurélien Pradié then redirected his argument: “Tomorrow, the law must leave universities free, if they want, to set outfits, I’m not saying uniforms, but to have a clothing of belonging”, for example ” a polo shirt “ Where ” a sweat “ worn by all students “during exams”.

On the question of wearing the religious veil, Aurélien Pradié has already been the subject of criticism from his own camp in recent weeks. The “social right” candidate has indeed hardened his position on the subject during his campaign for the presidency of LR, saying he is in favor of its ban in public space. But excerpts from past interviews have resurfaced on social media, highlighting his reversals.

On the antenna of France Interthe secretary general of LR said in 2019: “In a museum, a regional council, or in the street, I have no problem for a woman to be veiled or for someone to wear a yarmulke! On the other hand, school time is a matter of public service and secularism. » He added: “I would be the first to defend women who want to wear the veil in public space. »

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