Aurélien Pradié, the thorn in the side of the right

Aurélien Pradié, May 15, at the National embly. Bruno LEVY/Divergence

NARRATIVE – For Les Républicains, the solitary strategy of the deputy of Lot must not jeopardize the coherence of the party.

“Everyone is watching him, but the day he acts in a way that is harmful to Republicans again, no one will give him a gift.” This prediction of a tenor of the LR movement, testimony to growing annoyance within the party, Aurelien Pradie understands it as a threat arising from practices “Stalinists”. The deputy for Lot responds: “Nobody is threatening me. Let everyone be clear: there will come a time when I myself will whistle the end of the game! There is a limit to attempts at intimidation.”

His reaction, like the virulence of the critics who target him mezza voce, reveals the reality of mutual mistrust. And which persists. On the one hand, the deputy of Lot proclaims its desire to work for the renewal of ideas. “It is undeniably an et, and I share with him the diagnosis of shaking off the dust that sticks to the walls”, defends Raphaël Schellenberger, Alsatian deputy for Haut-Rhin. On the other, his political family, or rather the “grand dukes” exasperated, makes fun of the entourage of…

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