awkward premiere of Pascale de La Tour du Pin in “PAF”

WE LOOKED FOR YOU – The C8 program devoted to the media which precedes “Touche pas à mon poste” is struggling to convince.

This Tuesday, September 5, Pascale de La Tour du Pin takes its first steps on C8. The 45-year-old journalist left BFM TV to take the reins of “PAF”, the program devoted to the media which precedes “Touche pas à mon poste” and which replaces “Le 6 à 7” in the C8 schedules. A bold choice. “They tried to dissuade me from joining Cyril Hanouna on C8”told us a few days ago Pascale de La Tour du Pin in “The TV Buzz“.

Like its predecessor, “PAF”, for “Police de l’Audiovisuel Français”, put on a tiny plate. But the atmosphere of intimate discussion behind the scenes with dim lights has been replaced by a cacophony of colors. Blue, pink, yellow… The graphic identity of “PAF” goes all over the place. The ubiquitous logo in the background during shots on the presenter recalls the screen that was displayed thirty years ago on our televisions, when they were still connected by a SCART socket. It’s not nostalgic, it’s corny.

The “PAF” set Screenshot

Isabelle Morini-Bosc vs Pascale de La Tour du Pin

In the scenography, we are closer to a “School of Fans” distribution than to a news broadcast. The columnists Damien Canivez (journalist at Le Figaro, Ed) and Isabelle Morini Bosc are lined up in a row of onions, seated on platforms so high that their feet do not touch the ground. And the latter almost steals the show from the presenter.

During a subject on the page of Muriel Robin this weekend in “50 Minutes inside”Pascale de La Tour du Pin affirms that “this is the first time that Muriel Robin has spoken clearly in front of the camera” on the Palmade case. She is cut by Isabelle Morini-Bosc who rightly reminds her that the comedian spoke to RTL Few days ago. “But RTL is a radio, right? I don’t know…” Pascale de La Tour du Pin tries to defend herself. “It was filmed”, don’t let go of Isabelle Morini-Bosc. The smile of circumstance then appears on the face of the presenter.

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Today, Estelle Denis responded as a guest. “We met every day last year, but it’s over”, tries to befriend Pascale de La Tour du Pin. The process, despite a summary announced in an alert way of an application on a smartphone, is far from smooth. The only promise kept is the show’s content, which is indeed totally media driven. Regularly displayed figures support the comments of the speakers. The good idea is the last section. In “Le Pif du PAF”, the columnists bet on the audiences to come for the evening prime time. Figures that will be verified the next day. A form of cathodic “Fair Price” which concludes with a certain relief the premiere of “PAF” on C8.

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