Azarenka believes she was misjudged: “All these comments are shit”

“You have admitted in the past that you were anxious on the court. How do we realize this and how do we overcome this feeling?

In fact, we don’t realize it right away. It’s something that grows inside you and you only realize it when it’s too late, when nothing makes sense anymore. So you feel lost. I had gotten to the point where I couldn’t find anything positive about myself anymore. I broke some racquets after my game in Ostrava (smile). It was a difficult time for me. Since then, I have been trying to simplify my life.

“I regain self-confidence, I regain joy”

I started by trying to stop being positive, just trying to stay neutral. I had to accept this anxiety, I had to accept this fear. I worked on it to move forward step by step. I make sure to really go step by step instead of jumping to conclusions. It is not easy. It’s a daily job. But I’m happy with the results, I regain my self-confidence, I find joy. All of this helps me to be more open, more compassionate. Compassion was something I really had a hard time conceiving…

What was the nature of this fear that you mention?
The fear of failing, basically. Not being able to do what I wanted. Unconsciously, this prevents you from accomplishing what you want. I didn’t feel comfortable and it scared me.

And now, what do you enjoy the most on a court?
To be able to accept what is happening. If I don’t play well, I look for a solution whereas in the past, I would have surely let anger take over me. And I like this way of approaching things, even if it may seem cliché, even if I’ve had to say it before. But I didn’t really understand what it was about. Now yes.

“There’s no bad or nice, we’re just normal humans going through a lot”

Ten years ago, you created controversy against Sloane Stephens (she asked for a medical time-out and left the field when she was leading 6-1, 5-4 and had just been broken and then advanced that she had been overwhelmed by her emotions). What would the Vika of today say to that of ten years ago?
But do you really know what happened ten years ago? It’s one of the worst times I’ve ever had. The way I was treated, the way I had to justify myself late into the night because nobody believed me… In fact, it reminds me of what Novak said this year about doubts about his injury. I don’t know, but I feel like there’s this desire to create a story with a bad guy and a good guy. But there’s no bad or nice, we’re just normal humans going through a lot. Presumptions, judgments, all that commentary is crap because no one knows the full story. And no matter how many times I give my version, it won’t change anything. But it’s funny that you mention that because it took me ten years to move on.

You talk about comments and judgments. How do you take them?
People said that I was cheating, that I was pretending, that I was trying to make my opponents lose their concentration. It’s so nonsense compared to my true character. But you would have to know me to know that. I have heard so many negatives that doubt has finally set in. But now I don’t care. I am more and more confident in myself, I am at peace with that. All the comments and judgments are there, I know that, but I don’t care. »

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