Bac 2023 – specialty tests: free days and double challenge for high school students

Bac 2023 – specialty tests: free days and double challenge for high school students

After two years heckled by the Covid epidemic, the baccalaureate reform desired and put in place by Jean-Michel Blanquer, the former Minister of Education, will take on its full extent and respect all these modalities, with in particular less final written tests and more continuous assessment. In terminale, the two specialty tests will take place from March 20 to 22, before thephilosophy test and the great oral in June, counting both for a third of the baccalaureate mark and for higher education registration files via Parcoursup.

Revision days and dates of specialty exams

The Minister of National Education and Youth, Pap Ndiaye has just declared that Thursday and Friday should be devoted to revisions: “For the sake of equality between the candidates, I have asked that in all the high schools, Friday or Saturday are devoted for final year students to reviewing specialty tests, in the form of review sessions or free time. »

Then, the tests take place between Monday March 20 and Wednesday March 22, 2023. Each student candidate for the baccalaureate received a convocation for his two specialty tests with a date and a time for each: one written test per day and only the afternoon, followed by any oral tests depending on the subject.

For example, the candidates summoned on Tuesday March 21 in Mathematics will be able to train on the subjects that fell on Monday March 20, after having passed their Physics and Chemistry tests on Monday. Consult here the list of dates and times of specialty tests.

Specialty tests: a double challenge

High school students in the general baccalaureate and technological series must pass their tests this year because they count for two reasons:

  • For one third of the diploma: each of the specialties chosen in terminale has a coefficient of 16 or 32% of the baccalaureate mark. Against 40% for the continuous control, 10% for the great oral and 8% for the philosophy.
  • For the registration file. The reform includes a change of calendar with tests very early from March, against June previously, to integrate these notes into the Parcoursup files.

Results dates. The marks obtained in these specialty teaching tests will be known by the candidates from April 12 via their Cyclade space. These notes will also be integrated directly into your Parcoursup file so that those responsible for admissions to selective courses can decide on the applications. Thus, from June 1, candidates on Parcoursup will be able to obtain their answers to their wishes, answers that are much more important than the baccalaureate results 2023 which will only fall from July 4th. Parcoursup becomes more important than the baccalaureate itself!

The annals of specialty tests

The first specialty tests took place last year (in May following the Omicron wave of Covid-19), and therefore gave rise to the first revelations of subjects and answers, here are the subjects and answers available on our site. You will be able to find the subjects and corrected on our site Monday and next Tuesday.

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