back on the deforestation of democracy

Demonstration organized by the Fora Bolsonaro movement (“Outside Bolsonaro”), in May 2021, in the midst of the wave of Covid-19.  Image taken from “Jair Bolsonaro, another Brazil” (2022), documentary by Laetitia Rossi and Ingrid Piponiot.


Insults. Threats that have nothing veiled. Filthy remarks launched in front of the cameras or in front of a raging crowd. Addressed to Communists, “fags”, to “bastards” from the media and the left, to the judges, to the natives. In short, to all those who do not see Jair Bolsonaro as the brilliant president, the“chosen of God” the ” myth “, as his followers call him.

This is what the head of state of one of the largest countries in the world, who came to power in January 2019, offers in public. Will the Brazilian people take a Bolsonaro potion for another four years, while are the elections of October 2 looming? “I have three options, launches the person concerned : prison, death or victory. And I take this opportunity to tell these bastards that I will never go to prison! »

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Even if the former soldier disappointed part of his electorate, even if his disastrous non-management of the Covid-19 pandemic has made Brazil the second most affected country in the world (more than 650,000 dead) behind the United States, even though one in three Brazilians is food insecure and even though the number of homeless people in major cities has exploded , it is still estimated that about 25% of his support in the population.

“Excess” and “vulgarity”

This fascinating documentary traces with rigor the itinerary of this son of Italian immigrants who became, not because of but thanks to his provocations, President of Brazil. “Bolsonaro has no idea about the economy. He practices politics through excess, vulgarity and the massive use of social networks. summarizes Bruno Meyerfeld, correspondent for World in Brazil.

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From Brasilia to Rio, via Sao Paulo, but also Santarem, in the Amazon, or Eldorado Paulista, the small town where Bolsonaro was raised, this journey takes us to the heart of a little-known Brazil: that of the army, powerful. From the food industry, very powerful. And the Evangelical Church, which continues to gain followers (65 million today). The three pillars on which Bolsonaro still relies.

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Since his election, deforestation of indigenous lands in the Amazon has almost tripled. Flavio, his eldest son, who testifies in this documentary, smiles while evoking this problem: “We are fighting for the Amazon to be a development tool! » And, when reminded of international criticism of his father’s disastrous climate policy, Flavio retorts: “The Amazon is ours, not Macron’s!” »

But who is Jair Bolsonaro, third of six children, born in 1955 into a modest family? Where does this hatred come from? Pushed by his father to join the army at the age of 17, while the military dictatorship (1964-1985) is in full swing, Jair Bolsonaro will stay there for seventeen years, will become a captain, before being fired for campaigning for a pay rise.

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A senior officer advises him to go into politics. To become famous ? The provocation. Bolsonaro will gradually build the image of the man who is not afraid of anything and dares to say everything. Sexist, homophobic, racist, where is the problem?

After appointing many soldiers to the government, Bolsonaro replaced a good part of them with his sons and their friends. In a country where arms sales to individuals have doubled since he came to power, the atmosphere remained explosive on the eve of the elections.

Jair Bolsonaro, another Brazil, documentary by Laetitia Rossi and Ingrid Piponiot (Fr., 2022, 74 min).

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