back on the field and victorious with the XV of France, Jelonch feels “liberated”

Injured in the knee for a little over a month, Anthony Jelonch made his return this evening as captain of the French XV against Uruguay.

Anthony Jelonch (third row and captain of the French XV, winner of Uruguay 27-12, on TF1):

“(On his return from injury) I feel very good, it was nice to start again. I’m very happy to have returned the field, especially with this team. The first contacts, there was a little apprehension but I was quickly put back into the swing of things and now I feel liberated. The staff trusted me from the start, I was with Bruno Boussagol, the French team’s physiotherapist, for five weeks with whom I worked well. I should thank everyone for bringing me back so quickly. I owe them a bit of everything for my rehabilitation. I worked hard but I was well driven. (A complicated match this evening?) Yes, it was really a complicated match, they (the Uruguayans) had a lot of desire, they put a lot of aggression into this match and we had difficulty finishing. the actions. There were some good things, some less good things, but this evening, we will remember the victory and the good match of the Uruguayans. We will try to resolve the small details to have a big match against Namibia next Thursday.

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