Back to school: 298 students showed up in abaya on Monday, 67 refused to remove it, announces Attal

“I don’t want a school where you can identify a student’s religion by looking at him.” The day after the start of the school year, Gabriel Atta umes his decision to ban the abaya and draw up an initial essment. According to the Minister of Education, questioned this Tuesday morning on BFMTV, 298 students showed up in abaya on Monday and 67 refused to remove it.

According to him, “a large majority agreed to remove it” in front of the establishment, but 67 people did not accept and returned home. According to him, these refractory to this clothing ban are located “rather around large towns and cities” and would be educated “in less than a hundred establishments” in France. The Minister does not specify whether the facts concern certain rectorates more than others.

Gabriel Attal explains that a letter he wanted to “sign with (his) hand” was given to their families “to explain things” while a “very large majority” complied with this ban.

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In total, 513 establishments have been “identified as potentially concerned by this question”, and “staff trained on questions of secularism” have been “positioned there”, the minister said on Monday. The ban on the abaya did not give rise to any “incident” on this back-to-school day, ured Prime Minister Élisabeth Borne, during a trip to an elementary school in Ille-et-Vilaine. .

Some 12 million students returned to school on Monday. Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin sent a message to the police to underline “the sensitive nature of this return to school” on attacks on secularism in schools.

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