Back to school: half of the middle and high schools are missing a teacher, according to Snes-FSU

“There will be a teacher in front of each student”, had promised, before the start of the school year, Gabriel Attal. However, it is a completely different observation that the Snes-FSU, the main teachers’ union in middle and high schools, drew up this Monday. According to a survey carried out in more than 500 establishments and relayed by Franceinfothere is still a shortage of a teacher in almost half (48%) of middle and high schools in France.

Where does this figure come from? The information was sent last week by local union delegates, reports Franceinfo. Thus, the same trends as last year are found. These absences are more numerous in certain academies, such as that of Créteil which brings together the Seine et Marne (77), the Seine-Saint-Denis (93) and Val-de-Marne (94).

Many contract workers are hired in this rectorate, but in still insufficient numbers, given the figures reported by Snes-FSU. Another observation, significant gaps are observed in the Orléans-Tours academy, but also in that of Normandy and in certain cities such as Nantes, points out Franceinfo. Unsurprisingly, the subjects most affected by these shortages remain mathematics, English but also engineering sciences – a specialty relating to science and technology in mechanics or even computer science.

A growing recruitment crisis

The teacher recruitment crisis has worsened since last year: this year more than 3,100 positions were unfilled in teacher competitions. Last week, the Minister of National Education affirmed that “the start of the school year this year went rather in better conditions than last year because there were fewer positions to be filled after the competition”.

However, he had qualified: “Obviously we could have difficulties here or there: in the first level, very few difficulties, but in certain disciplines, in middle or high school, here or there, there may still be a shortage of teachers”, had -he conceded.

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