Barbara’s mother, who died in the Treviso tragedy: “I lost everything, but now I pray for those kids”

Barbara’s mother, who died in the Treviso tragedy: “I lost everything, but now I pray for those kids”

TREVISO. “I ask those who loved my daughter to stay close not only to us but to all the children involved and their parents: this tragedy has destroyed not two but eight families”.

Despite the endless pain for the loss, at only 17 years old, of her only daughter, Gabriella, the mother of Barbara Brotto, one of the two young girls who lost their lives in the umpteenth massacre on the road on Saturday night, in Gorgo al Monticano , find the strength to speak and to address a thought to those who are still fighting to survive and those who are left with a boulder on their conscience whose weight they will carry forever.

It’s not easy for the mother, because for her “her” Barbara was everything and now there is only emptiness and desperation.

«She was a sunny girl, polite and particularly attentive towards me: I suffer from some allergies and she, when we went out to eat, always asked for the ingredients of the dishes for me, just to cite an example of her sensitivity. I lost everything with her » mourns mother Gabriella, who lived with her daughter in an Ater house in Rustighè di Oderzo.

It was precisely in order not to burden her mother, a worker in a cooperative, that the girl had decided to temporarily leave school to become a social-health worker at the Obici institute in Oderzo, and had found work at the Da Beppo pizzeria in Motta di Livence.

Treviso, dying of speed: the accident that claimed the lives of two girls in a car launched at 140 km/h is being investigated

Federico Cipolla

«He wanted to put aside the money to get his driving license and thought of resuming his studies later. She missed school and friendships a lot, also because she was good, she liked writing, especially letters she sent to me and her uncles, and she had an unbridled passion for drawing, her secret dream was to become a tattoo artist one day » continues Mrs. Gabriella, who is also keen to underline how, with an extreme act of generosity, her daughter donated her organs.

Gabriella does not comment on the dynamics and responsibilities of the accident which, in addition to the BMW on which her daughter who crashed into the plane tree was transported, also involved the Volkswagen Polo where four other friends were travelling: the woman relied on Studio3A to be assisted and to the criminal lawyer of the Treviso Court Andrea Piccoli, who will follow her throughout the process starting with the technical investigations that the Marca public prosecutor will order.

However, Barbara’s mother, with a strength of mind that is not common to everyone, wants to say it: «I wish with all my heart to the two boys who are struggling between life and death in the hospital to make it, I pray that the the balance sheet of this tragedy does not become even heavier ».

And it also intends to “lighten” the pressure on the parents of the driver of the BMW that crashed into the tree, who ended up in the “media meat grinder” for having given such a powerful car into the hands of a nineteen-year-old.

«Today, in reality, all cars can reach high speeds but in the “evil” BMW, at least, is a more solid car: if there had been a small car in its place by now we would probably be crying not two but four young lives.’

“Now – he concludes – I ask for discretion and respect for my pain, and I invite all those who loved Barbara to be close not only to ours but to all eight families who are somehow involved and who suffer from this enormous tragedy”. .

The mother is now waiting for the authorization from the judicial authority to be able to fix the date of the funeral, which will be held together with those of her friend who died with Barbara, Eralda Sphaillari, at the cathedral of Oderzo.

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