Beata Szydło: it is important for Poland to have a strong government made up of people whose hearts beat for Poland

It is very important for Poland to have a strong government made up of people who do not wear paper hearts, but have hearts that beat for Poland, said Beata Szydło, former Prime Minister and PiS MEP, at a meeting with the inhabitants of Dobre (Mazowieckie).

On Wednesday, at the headquarters of the Volunteer Fire Brigade in Dobry, Mazowsze, former Prime Minister Beata Szydło, during a meeting with residents, spoke about the last eight years of PiS rule, as well as about new program points, including the “Local shelf” program announced that day “.

The idea is to introduce an obligation for supermarkets to offer at least 2/3 of fruit, vegetables, dairy and meat products and bread from local suppliers.

“Everything you produce here should be in these stores. And everyone who will shop in your area will be able to use what you produce. The consumer, farmer and local communities will benefit from this,” said Szydło.

Talking about this program, she referred to “500 plus”, which – as she emphasized – became a symbol and gave Polish families a chance. “This +500 plus+ has become a symbol that we evoke very often, because it defines the philosophy with which we went to the elections at that time and defines our political environment. Back then, when we were talking about +500 plus+, people shrugged their shoulders and said either that it would not work, or – as most often PO did – that there would be no money for it” – emphasized Szydło.

“This simple program, in which many did not believe (…), really redefined thinking about politics in Poland. Suddenly, it turned out that what is most important to those in power is the family,” she added.

Szydło emphasized that PiS wants to continue what it started. “But it is also very important for Poland to have a strong government made up of people who do not wear paper hearts, but have hearts that beat for Poland and have Poland in their hearts. For Poland to have a responsible government, because we are living in a very difficult time,” noted the MEP, referring to the ongoing war in Ukraine.

She also pointed out that the opposition disregarded what was happening on the Polish-Belarusian border. “Do you remember those moments when opposition politicians (…) mocked the construction of a dam on the border with Belarus. How they said that we do not behave as politicians do, because there are poor people who need help, and when we said very clearly that this is a hybrid war led by Putin – they mocked it,” she recalled.

Speaking about the previous migration crisis, she essed that it was caused by bad decisions of the European Union, the European Commission and the European Parliament, as well as the European Council, headed by Donald Tusk, she emphasized.

She recalled that PiS president Jarosław Kaczyński from the Sejm rostrum said then that there was no consent to such a policy. “The policy of the European Union, including changed under the influence of our government, but today this crisis is knocking on Europe’s door again,” she essed.

“It is a difficult time and today we cannot afford politicians who run around the eastern border with plastic bags and make noise when the Polish border is forced. This is the time when responsible politicians who know how to care for the security of Poland and Poles must come,” she added.

Szydło also talked about broadly understood security, including the development of the army and energy security. “We are talking about the safety of Polish families, about the fact that everyone in Poland – every family, every child and senior citizen – should have a dignified life. So that people do not have to worry that they will not be able to buy basic food. So that there are no dilemmas – buy a prescription, pay bills, or buy the necessary winter shoes, a coat, or school equipment for your child” – she pointed out. (PAP)

Author: Marcin Chomiuk

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