Béatrice Dalle rewinds the film of her life on France 5

CRITICAL – In Béatrice Dalle, take it or leave itavailable in replay on france.tv, the 58-year-old actress examines her tumultuous existence with real frankness.

“I only did what I wanted. From there, I’m proud of everything. » Béatrice Dalle comments, in his hoarse voice, the film of his life. One hour in the “Rebels, the art of shaking up” collection. Rebel? “That’s so nice!” She is indocile, does not keep quiet, unusual, instinctive. She hides nothing, a godsend for me”comments Élise Baudouin, who produced this portrait broadcast on Saturday November 3 and available in replay on france.tv.

The documentary opens with the filming of 37°2 in the morning (1985). Béatrice Dalle, 21, took her first steps as an actress there: “I had never worked, I never played, I was Betty. » On set, she leaves no one unmoved. “Explosive, indomitable, complete and exceptional, Béatrice is a brilliance, a look, a mouth”says director Jean-Jacques Beineix, disappeared in January 2022.

Taste of provocation

Before his sensational entry into cinema, childhood in a Catholic family in Le Mans was not easy: his father’s racism, his mother’s lack of tenderness, incest with the “lovers kisses” from her grandfather when she was only 6 years old. At 14, she left Sarthe for Paris and “his fascist family and their shitty racist comments”goes out to nightclubs, steals, begs, frequents the underground punk scene, rushes into artificial paradises, heroin in the lead. “My life has to be intense all the time. If it doesn’t burn anymore, I’m no longer interested.”she admits.

In the movies, I would rather kill my children than make them pancakes. »

Béatrice Dalle

A lucky star puts her on the path of the one she affectionately calls “the man of her life”, Dominique Besnehard, then casting director. The following ? More than 100 films in thirty-five years of a career of which she can indeed be proud. Led by Jacques Doillon, Ferrara, Jarmusch, Honoré, Claire Denis, Virginie Despentes, it flees the easy way. “I like everything that is borderline, extreme. In the movies, I would rather kill my children than make them pancakes. »

On the pion side, it’s also rock’n’roll. Two marriages, two divorces and many relationships. Her first husband, the painter Jean-François Dalle, married in 1985, struggled with his wife’s dazzling notoriety and attempted suicide. After filming in prison, she marries a man incarcerated for “who will beat her up on the way out”. Between the two, there will be his decade with JoeyStarr, his alter ego, “without getting married or living together”. She gives up on motherhood: “I am not capable of having a child. »

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A fan of plunging necklines, Béatrice Dalle plays provocative and makes fun of the sexist remarks on TV sets by Thierry Ardisson or Antoine de Caunes. #MeToo did not exist and it took much more to shock her.

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