Behind the assassination of Jul’s former manager, a vendetta between two Marseille clans

Behind the assassination of Jul’s former manager, a vendetta between two Marseille clans

Expected as a witness, Jul let it be known that he would bestopthroughout the trial. THOMAS SAMSON / AFP

Karim Tir, assassinated on June 12, 2014 in Asnières-sur-Seine, was at the heart of a conflict between two families since 2010. The trial of eight people who must answer for this murder opened in Aix.

Karim Tir, manager of the Marseille rapper Jul, wanted to turn the page on drug trafficking. But the vendetta that decimated his family caught up with him in the Paris region in 2014. A vendetta at the heart of the trial opened Monday in Aix-en-Provence, for three weeks.

Eight men are on the dock of the Bouches-du-Rhône Assize Court in this case mixing Parisian banditry and fratricidal war between two Marseille family clans, against a backdrop of drug trafficking in the northern districts of Marseille: three prosecuted for the “organized gang” assassination of Karim Tir on June 12, 2014 in Asnières-sur-Seine (Hauts-de-Seine); five others for criminal association and their role as logisticians.

The death of this 30-year-old young man is one more episode in the list of around twenty settling of accounts between two families since 2010 in Marseille. The Tir on one side, associated with the Berrebouh; the Remadnia on the other, joined by a band of criminals from Marignane. The assassination of Jul’s manager, then at the very beginning of his career, would be the result of hatred and endless accusations between the two clans, which, according to the prosecution, would have led Mohamed Seghier, 45, presented as the one of the leaders of the Marignane band, to satisfy his desire for revenge against the Tir family, with Youser Titouh and Juan Marti, the two other accused of murder.

In 2010, his brother Karim Seghier was suspected of the kidnapping of Farid Tir and his wife, to steal a large sum of money from them. Pregnant, the young woman had lost her baby. A few months later, in August 2010, ambushed in the Font-Vert housing estate in Marseille, Karim Seghier was assassinated and Mohamed Seghier injured. “The thesis consisting in affirming that members of the Tir family would have been at the origin of the assassination of his brother is based on nothing and has never been judicially substantiated.“, insist the lawyers of Mohamed Seghier, Me Pascal Roubaud and Medhi Khezami.

I went to Paris, not to mount an assassination, but to steal. I’m just a car thief“, had declared the defendant during the instruction.

In the “organized gang” responsible according to the examining magistrate for the assassination of Karim Tir also appeared Zakary Remadnia. But the young man was shot dead in Marseille, barely a month later. Far from this Marseille vendetta, Sabir Titouh, known as “Titax”, a rising figure in Parisian banditry, would also have, according to the prosecution, participated in the murder, using his “criminal relationship“. He is described as one of the active participants in the surveillance of the victim and as the supplier of weapons and vehicles called “of war“. But he too did not survive until the trial. “Titax” was shot dead in 2015, in front of his companion’s home, in Taverny (Val-d’Oise). The Titouh family is however represented on the dock by his brother Youser, who appears free.

Considered close to the Corso-Marseille community, Juan Marti had left the Paris region immediately after the murder, with Zakary Remadnia, heading to Marseille. “I go back down in the car with a person and they put me for assassination“, he protested Monday before the jurors, formally denying his involvement in this death. According to the investigation, it was in fact the visibility of the rapper Jul which had allowed the murderers to be able to easily follow and monitor their target: “They were hiding Jul to go up Karim Tir“, had explained a witness under X. While his testimony was scheduled for Friday, the rapper let it be known on Monday, via a letter from his lawyer, that he would in fact be “stopthroughout the trial.

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